Harness your machine's current capabilities by adding an Angle Head. Without the expense of a new machine, you will be able to perform vertical, horizontal and angular operations on your machine without repositioning the workpiece. One original set-up saves time, speeds production, and guarantees accuracy.

The following products are available:

  • New Baby Chuck Type: New Baby Chuck Type Angle Heads utilize the outstanding rigidity and accuracy of the New Baby Chuck and New Baby Collet, producing high precision with less runout.
  • New Baby Chuck Type Extra Long: For drilling and key slotting in deep hole of large workpiece.
  • Build-Up Type: Build-Up Type Angle Heads can be fitted with a wide range of adapters to cover most machining requirements.
  • HMC Type: HMC Type Angle Heads offer the combination of power and large diameter tool capacity, using BIG KAISER’s Hi-Power Milling Chuck system.
  • OAG Type: For Angle Head OAG Type coolant is supplied from the Stop Block through the cutting tool. Max. coolant pressure 20 bar.
  • Small Bore Type: The Slender Drive or small bore type angle head is designed to get into narrow spaces with limited clearance.
  • Universal Type: Universal Type Angle Heads, with an adjustable spindle combine vertical and horizontal operations on one machine.
  • AGU30: Universal AGU30 Type Angle Heads use a unique constant velocity joint to shed weight and allow for higher performance than other angle heads.
  • Light Weight Type: The angle head Light Weight type is designed for the machine spindle BBT30.
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