Indexable End Mills

Whether you are end milling, helical milling, or shoulder milling: BIG KAISER offers high precision end mills that achieve smooth and quiet milling.

The following products are available:

  • Fullcut Mill Contact Grip: Threaded connection with precision-ground mating taper and face. Index your cutter heads much easier with this Mill.
  • Fullcut Mill FCM: You need an end mill that has a positive high rake cutting edge for both radial and axial directions? And it should also allow smooth and quiet end milling? Then this Mill is a perfect fit for you.
  • Fullcut Mill FCR: Indexable insert end mill offering supreme cutting performance for your most demanding milling applications.
  • Surface Mill: A 45° approach face milling cutter for superior surface finishes.
  • Speed Finisher: Especially effective to avoid built-up edges when cutting aluminium and possible re-cutting of the swarf. It is an amazing improvement of surface finish at highspeed cutting.
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