Indexable Insert Drills

Every perfect bore starts with a hole - some of them need to be achieved by drilling. Get an overview on our indexable insert drills with modular CK connection:

  • Straight Flutes: The BIG KAISER indexable insert drills series 337 drills feature a straight-flute design to guarantee the shortest distance for chip evacuation. Drilling Range: Ø16-30mm, Tool Connection: CKS6
  • Helical Flutes: Large helical flutes and coolant supply to the cutting edge for optimum cooling and chip removal. Drilling Range: Ø19.5mm-74mm, Tool Connection: CKB5, CKB6 and CKB7.
  • Adjustable Drill Holders: For Diameter Adjustment of Indexable Insert Drills. The following options are available: DV40/50, BT40/50, HSK-A63/A100.
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