Fine Boring Heads with Peripherical Cutting Edge

Insert holders are available for many types of inserts (TP, TC, CC with different angles) as well as accessories for face grooves.  With only 7 boring heads the diameter range from 20 to 203 is covered. Each head is equipped with three seats to cover a wide range of diameters.

The following products are available:

  • EWE Digital Fine Boring Heads: Precision digital boring heads EWE and EWN, series 310 feature equal boring ranges and body dimensions and allow the use of the same accessories. 
  • EWN Fine Boring Heads: The EWN single cutter boring tool program for finishing covers an impressive diameter range with only 7 precision boring heads.
  • EWB Balanced Fine Boring Heads: Autobalance boring heads, Series 310 EWB, maintain perfect balance throughout the work range due to the integrated counter-balance mechanism.
  • EWB-AL Balanced Fine Boring Head: Made of high strength aluminum with hard coating making them suitable for high-speed operation in larger bore diameters.
  • EWP-UP Balanceable Fine Boring Head: The world's first and only analogue head that guarantees adjustment of 0.001/Ø from the nonius, mechanical precision at the highest level.
  • EW Fine Boring Heads: These heads are designed to be used in combination with the steel or carbide-boring bars Ø 14 and Ø 16 mm out of the accessory program.
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