Here you can find all additional products you need to maintain, adjust and transport your machining solutions.

The following products are available:

  • Reduction Sleeves: Various reduction sleeves for Side Lock Holders and ER threads.
  • Wrenches: Various wrenches for mounting, clamping and loosening.
  • Pullstud Bolts: Strong centrifugal forces at high speeds can pull tool holders out of the machine spindle. Therefore, high tensile strength pullstud bolts are recommended to protect against this possibility.
  • Coolant Pipes: Coolant pipes for HSK tool holders.
  • Semi-Finished Stop Block: has the proper groove form for use with the Angle Head, as well as additional material to allow the user to machine the block to the correct height.
  • Spare Parts: BIG KAISER offers a lot of spare Parts for MEGA Synchro Tapping Holder.
  • Cleaner: Our cleaners make it easy to get your spindle and tooling in the best condition to perform exactly as desired over and over.
  • Storage Cases: Safe storage of various accessories.
  • Assembly Station: Assembly Station for BIG KAISER tools.
  • Collet Removers: Easily and quickly remove New Baby Collet from MEGA nuts and New Baby Nut.
  • T-Slot Clean: Improve efficiency of table cleaning. Save you from cleaning T-slots packed with swarf. Quick discharge of swarf out of a machine.
  • Indexable Inserts: Our insert selection contains a large assortment of insert types, sizes and grades to fit most applications.
  • Adjusting Screws: Adjustment screws for setting the tool length.
  • Clamp Bolts: Tightening screws for milling heads.


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