Chamfer Mills

BIG KAISER provides a wide variety of chamfer mills. Whether you need Mills for forward and backward chamfering, back spot facing or centering: We have got you covered.

The following products are available:

  • C-Cutter: Designed exclusively for chamfering, the C-Cutter inserts have high rake angle to produce clean chamfer surfaces.
  • C-Cutter Boy: This C-Cutter version helps you to simplify your chamfering operations on manual bench drilling machines.
  • C-Cutter Mini: This allrounder delivers multifunctional cutting, including chamfering, back chamfering and light face milling.
  • R-Cutter: The R-Cutter. Or more like your best friend when It comes to front and back chamfering. Take advantage of an ultra-high feed radius chamfer mill.  
  • C-Centering Cutter: This cutter is a multifunctional cutter capable of both spot drilling and chamfering.
  • Center Boy: You can accurately center and chamfer in one single operation with this cutting tool. Sharp cutting with minimum interference thanks to a slim and extended shank.
  • BF-Cutter: The BF-Cutter was exclusively designed for back spot facing of capped bolt holes (M6-M16).
  • Slot Milling Cutter: Slot milling cutter with indexable inserts for circlip grooves as per DIN472.
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