Measuring Instruments

We offer many high precision measuring instruments that make your work flow faster, more accurate and more efficient.

The following products are available:

  • Presetter from Speroni: Measures the cutting edges of your tools to assure they precisely match job specifications and are ready to be used in the machine. Speroni provides by far the best results.
  • Tool Offset Sensor: Measure tool offsets with these high precision compact sensors which ensure fast and accurate operations.
  • Machine Spindle Measurement: Regular spindle measurement is a necessity. Periodical measurement of the spindle retention force avoids unknown reduced rigidity.
  • Level Master: Level Master is a 2-axis simultaneous detection leveler. LED displays level conditions for both axes simultaneously.
  • Edge Finder: Our edge and point finders are high precision touch sensors to quickly find measurement locations before machining.
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