Alignment Tool for ATC arm

In the event that the machine tool spindle and the ATC gripper are misaligned when a tool holder is loaded into the spindle, the spindle taper can be damaged. Clamping a misaligned tool holder can also lead to increased runout errors and contribute to a shorter lifespan of machine tools, tool holders and cutting tools. Incorrect positioning often results in damage and excessive wear; the ATC Alignment Tool saves money by ensuring that machine tools, tool holders and cutting tools are properly aligned.

The ATC Alignment Tool consists of three easy-to-use components for checking correct alignment: AL Shank, AL Plug and AL Flange. These three components are supplied in a convenient storage case.

For maximum flexibility, the ATC Alignment Tool is available for BT30, BT40, BT50, DV40 and DV50 cones and is fully-compatible with BIG PLUS spindles. An option for HSK is also available upon request.

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