Tool Kit EWN/EWE 2-152, Ø 17.8 - 152

The tool kit EWN 2-152 and EWE 2-152, Ø 17.8 – 152 mm, is available in different versions.
The versions differ in the length and the material of the boring bars and in the number of the inserts.
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Model Order No. Availability
EWN2-152-17-33SET 112.097A on stock
EWE2-152-17-33SET 112.097C on stock
EWN2-152-18-152SET 112.837 on stock
EWN2-152-18-152SET-A 112.837A on stock
EWN2-152-18-152SET-B 112.837B on stock
EWN2-152-18-152SET-C 112.837C on stock
EWE2-152-18-152SET-E 112.837E on stock