Air Turbine Spindle Manual Type HSK-A



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Technical data
Ød : 0.45 - 4.05
Ød1: 8
ØD: 96
ØD1: 12
L: 175
L1: 22
K: 87
R: 13
S: 65
S1: 150
(min-1): 50000
(min-1)to(max): 40000 - 50000
Operation Speed (min-1): RBX5
Head: 4.8
Weight (kg): MGN4S

  • Nut and wrench are included.
  • Collet (NBC4S-_) and XF1 (air unit) are to be ordered separately.
  • Dry and clean air is an essential condition for the use of this product. Therefore, coolant should never be supplied through the spindle of the machine using the Air Turbine Spindle.
  • Coolant pipe (CL) is to be ordered separately.

Air Turbine Spindle Manual Type HSK-A