Exclusive Pullstud Bolts for Dyna Force

An exclusive pullstud bolt is needed for a machine spindle in DIN, ANSI or CAT standard. Pullstud bolts in MAS and JIS standards can be used. These pullstud bolts are not suitable for the SBT30-DF10.
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Model Order No. Availability
DF-PDV30 804.683 will be confirmed
DF-PAV30 804.680 will be confirmed
DF-PCV30 804.684 will be confirmed
DF-PDV40A 804.685 within 2 weeks
DF-PAV40 804.681 will be confirmed
DF-PCV40 804.687 within 2 weeks
DF-PDV50A 804.686 within 2 weeks
DF-PAV50 804.682 will be confirmed
DF-PCV50 804.688 within 2 weeks